Downloading QS

Getting Started

First, you will need to go to: and determine which version of QuickSign will be the best for you and your business. After signing up, you will receive an email that contains the latest full version of QuickSign for you to download. You will want to either save the file or run it depending on what your computer requires.

Your computer will download “QuickSign_v10XX.exe” (XX will be version number). You will run that program to begin the installation of the software. During installation, the software will verify if your computer has the proper prerequisites for the program to operate normally. Please allow the software to install any items that your computer may not have. This will ensure that QuickSign will run on your computer properly.

Downloading QuickSign

When the software installation is complete it will give you the option to launch QuickSign upon clicking “Finish” or you may also start the program later.