Adding Content

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After the “Players” tab, there are five other tabs across the top of the QuickSign software. These tabs are: Videos, Images, Streams, Websites, and Music. These tabs are what you will use to add content to your QuickSign in order to generate playlists for your MP80 players.

Adding Content

When users add content to the software, they are essentially telling the software where the files to be used for playlists are being stored on the local hard drive of the computer that is running the software.

Content should be stored on the local hard drive of the machine that is running the QuickSign software. If it is stored on a network drive, or a temporary drive like a USB thumb drive or external hard drive, there is a possibility that the player will not be able to download the content because it cannot find those locations.

The process by which the players are updated is that when the “Load/Play” button is clicked, a command is sent to the player that tells the player to download the files from their location on the local hard drive of the computer. These paths are created in the software when content is added.

It is recommended that users create a folder or series of folders in a specific location that is not going to change in which to store their content. This will prevent content from being moved or deleted, causing uploading and missing content issues.