Software Features

The QuickSign Platform was designed to accommodate a wide range of digital signage applications while retaining ease of use.

Player Control & Management

Media players that are to be controlled by QuickSign are setup on the QuickSign Cloud network and can be recognized and managed from any remote location over internet. The media players will automatically obtain an IP address when your QuickSign Cloud is registered and will be found, and updated, when QuickSign is started.

Media Management

QuickSign software provides content management with the ability to organize videos, playlists, images, channels (ATSC or stream), music and HTML layouts to be used by CE labs digital signage players. Supporting all popular media formats including Adobe Flash, Microsoft PowerPoint, PDF, and more. All major video containers and codecs are supported including MP4, WMV, FLV & AVI in both standard and HD (High Definition).

Playlist Creation & Management

Playlists can consist of videos, images, music and channels. A playlist can be scheduled to be played within any layout of your choice, at a specific time or times for all players, or an individual player.

Smart Scheduling & Dayparting

Scheduling technology eliminates the headaches associated with creating and managing any size digital signage network. Our rule based scheduler takes a natural language approach to not only scheduling your content, but also utilizing various conditional play triggers including days, dates, and exact times.

Easy GPIO Push-Button Setup

Need user interaction? No problem. Any template can become an interactive kiosk or POP display with just a settings that you control. Turn any template zone into a touch sensitive “button” which can triggering transitions to other content or perform background tasks such as sending an email or printing a receipt. The button setup function allows unlimited customization of template, playlist & scheduling functionality.

Layout Creation & Design Possibilities

Use the template designer to compose virtually any content imaginable. Unlimited “zones” of content with layering, transparency, and animation. Just drag and drop your content where you like it, giving you the power to assign distinct functionalities to zones without any HTML coding or development. View the unlimited possibilities below!

Dynamic Content Zones

Assign functions to zones without any HTML coding or development.


Live TV, Video Source, Streams

Capable of displaying enhanced Live TV, Videos and Streams through HDMI™, at any custom resolution.


100% Responsive, Customizable, Real-Time Updates

Apply your own custom functionality with the use of HTML5 coding. Display any of your social feeds, that’s styled to your branding.


Latest Headlines, Summaries, Content

Keep your clients up-to-date by embeddding RSS feeds into your layouts, from any RSS feed source. Create syndicated data automatically. Display published news stories, web feeds, blogs.


Custom Effects, Times, Transitions

Showcase a dazzling display of your products with a custom-timed slide show. Set different transition effects, on an unlimited amount of images, with ease!


Informational Text Driven Messages

Deliver custom text driven messages, or RSS Feeds, through the Text Ticker and Scroller Zones.


Current, 3-Day Vertical/Horizontal

Display the current weather using visually stimulating icons, or show a 3-Day forecast through vertical or horizontal layouts.

Solution Architecture

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Players and Software

We offer two versions of QuickSign for use with the MP80 media players. One is for a local network, and the other one is cloud base and allows for full control across the Internet.

MP80 Players

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  • 800.767.6189

The MP80 players can be purchased separately here or with the QuickSign Cloud plans.




  • Local Network
  • Media Stored on PC
  • One Location
  • Multiple Players
  • Built-In Designer Toolset
  • Runs on Windows 7 and 10


QuickSign Cloud

Call for Pricing 800.767.6189
  • Global Network (Internet)
  • Media Stored on Cloud
  • Multiple Locations
  • Multiple Players
  • Built-In Designer Toolset
  • Runs on Windows 7 and 10

Can optionally buy MP80 players with plans